CIE INTERNATIONAL LTD is a privately owned company specialising in the Electrical Services field, able to provide a variety of installations to UK and Overseas markets. Formed in 1973, CIE have been very successful in a very aggressive and competitive market place, this success has been based on a highly tuned and streamline approach of a large corporate organisation but retaining the personal touch of a family company.


In the 70s CIE carried out a large number of contracts overseas in the Middle East, most of these contracts were of an Electrical and Instrumentation nature providing services to Oil Refineries and Power Stations. However in the 80s CIE soon established themselves in the UK by carrying out installations for Commercial Enterprise, Retail, Industrial, Hospitals, Government Establishments, Leisure, Industry, Railtrack, London Underground, Oil Refineries and Power Stations.



From concept to final account we at CIE will continue to provide the client with the commitment needed to get the job done based on the old saying the customer’s always right. We take the view that the start of a project is in many ways the most important phase. This is the stage when working methods and finding the right strategy to suit the particular circumstance prevailing to that project. This is the stage when relationships are forged and information systems are established. At CIE we also see this as the time to start planning for the end of the project in terms of commissioning of systems and equipment and the preparation of Operating and Maintenance manuals you will eventually require.


"The customers always right."


CIE are able to cover most of the UK with their Head Office based in St. Neots near Cambridge and Regional Offices in Kent and Wales. Having a large client base CIE have a turnover of 6million and have around 100 operatives. Whilst, of course, strong financially, our greatest assets are measured in non financial terms i.e. flexibility, integrity, service and quality.



In 1988 CIE recognised the need to be able to offer Design and Build packages for Electrical Services. Our design office is able to give CIE a new dimension by offering a design capability to assist clients by producing design solutions to all aspects of building services. The design office provides drawings in several different mediums, as hard copies using inkjet plotting in colour or monochrome. Electronic copies can also be supplied on CD-ROM or if preferred via E-mail. Our design is also aided by various software packages to calculate and process given criteria.


We know it and you know it, the project completion has the potential to cause more problems than any other phase of the job because this is the time when the quality of your contractors working practices are brought into the spotlight. We draw up and agree the completion, commissioning and handover procedures with you on day one. We work them out in full detail so that when the project comes to an end there are no surprises. This is the same as for costings, because we at CIE appreciate the value of being able as a customer to identify how much the project is going to cost. Therefore we operate a rolling final account system submitted every month, and because we do not see this final phase as an opportunity to jack up our profits through dispute, you know exactly what to expect.


When it comes to handover, we make sure you have everything you need including full commissioning procedures and sample test sheets for each item and system. We know the Maintenance Manual we provide will be comprehensive because we have been preparing it carefully ever since the point when all the main design and constraint parameters effecting equipment and systems were established.

The Market Place
Over the years CIE have found themselves in a number of different types of markets within the Building Services bracket, and have gained a vast amount of experience, using these skills we have learnt to deal with the different types of sectors which all have diverse needs.

We have successfully performed to a consistently high standard of engineering in terms of quality and customer care maintaining a professional approach at all times. Our team at CIE takes time to get to know the client and to understand
their needs, and we feel that it is so important and is doubtless a factor of success.


The following type of sectors have been listed below, in no particular order, these are:-

Retail Healthcare Research
Education Commercial Leisure

Petrochemical and


Industrial and Government


Design Office


The market place for building services contains a vast amount of Design and Build projects and as far back as 1988 CIE recognised that without a Design capability it would have been difficult to perform in the market place to our potential. Therefore we have our own Design office controlled by an appointed manager. His role is purely Design, at concept we are able, as part of the service, to discuss with you the best design solutions in terms of cost and performance.


“The best design
solutions in terms of
cost and performance.”







Once these ideas manifest into a set of employers requirements we are very strong at translating these requirements into a working designs or should the project be reusing existing services we would carryout a full survey first. We would then issue layout design drawings and overlay these with detailed information in respect of builders work requirements fully dimensioned to enable the build process to maintain programme. All design calculations are then issued along with detailed schematic drawings to enable any manufacturing process to commence.


CIE use a fully computerised system, engaging Autocad and Amtec software along with inkjet plotters in colour and monochrome



Health And Safety

It is the policy of CIE International Limited, that it’s operations are executed at all times in such a way as to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the Health, Safety and Welfare of
all it’s Employees and the Health and Safety of others who may be affected by it’s operations.


CIE International Limited is committed to the implementation of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSWA), the management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 (MHSWR) and the Construction Design and Management Regulations 1994 (CDM).


"...commited to the

implementation of the

Health and Safety."





The management of Health, Safety and Welfare is a responsibility considered by CIE International Limited, to be equal to any other function.

It is the responsibility of all employees or sub-contractors of CIE International Limited, to uphold the requirements of this Policy Statement and comply with the provision of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSWA), and all other relevant legislation.

In addition to the above ALL CIE operatives have undertaken a commitment by receiving training and have been registered with the ECA Health and Safety grading scheme otherwise known as the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme Health and Safety Assessment.

To support our Health and Safety needs we employ independent consultants whom advise and audit our site operations, they also keep us fully informed of any change in legislation. We also employ direct, a Health and Safety Officer
who is responsible for day to day training.


Before any work is put to hand, CIE supervisors will carry out a Risk Assessment in conjunction with the Main Contractor, all risks are minimised and any residual risks are site managed. All
plant, machinery and equipment are regularly tested to ensure that they comply with the up to date regulations.


As further evidence of our commitment to Health and Safety in June 2008 CIE have been accredited to the Safe Contractor Scheme.

Testing & Commissioning
The completion and subsequent handover of the project has the potential to be the most difficult part of the job, and in order to successfully handover the installation it is essential that all aspects of the installation have been checked and tested. Its worth knowing that CIE are members
of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting or NICEIC. This means that in order for us to maintain registration we have to be audited every year and the whole of the installation is fully inspected including all the test certificates, thus ensuring client confidence.
 “...we are very good at working with the main
contractor and the professional team.”




 In order to commission and test all the systems it is very important that we communicate to the Main Contractor the needs in terms of building completion. We at CIE are very good at working with the main contractor and the professional team at an early stage to ensure that the best possible environment is achieved to ensure the
commissioning goes as smoothly as possible. Prior to this we would have already discussed with the professional team and agreed a programme best suited for the clients needs.


Whilst CIE are fully qualified to test any Electrical Installation we are happy to engage a separate company to carry out this work on our behalf, the element of third party independency gives the client benefits and also gives CIE a good level of

As part of our quality plan CIE have a policy for ensuring that all test instruments used are renewed every 3 years and calibrated every 12 months.


All NICEIC certificates are completed in full and all the necessary systems certificates, such as fire alarm emergency lighting etc are gathered together and issued to the client at handover stage to ensure a smooth completion of contract.

After Sales & Maintenance

CIE recognise that in order to provide the client with an effective service not only during the installation phase of the project but beyond, it is essential that we operate an effective after sales service. It is important for the client to know that we will still be around to support them post practical completion of a project. At CIE we operate a “Soft Landing” for the client to become aware of the installation and systems operating therein. Showing them how to navigate through the Operating and Maintenance manuals and providing guidance and training for their maintenance staff is essential.



“...we will still be
around to support
them post practical
completion of a project.”







At CIE we operate a maintenance and small works division which will also deal with breakdowns and callouts. We are able to cover and 50 mile radius from any of our offices. Emergency calls are logged onto a paging system which duty engineers will respond to should you wish to take out a service contract with CIE.


Installation Services

Since CIE were formed in 1973, we have gained a vast amount of experience in installing Electrical Services to most types of environments. Initially the installations were centred around Industrial Processes, Refineries and Power Generation plants. This gave CIE a very good foundation, the intensive work ethic needed in these environments gave rise to our development into the construction market place, predominantly Building Services, and this area of work is where we have been very successful.


Specific elements of installations we carry out are listed below but are not limited too:-

  • Survey and Design of existing installations to be refurbished or new build from brown and green field sites, inner city and rural areas.



   Liaison with Utilities
associated with diversion, enabling and provision of
new service.


  •  Installation of Main LV Switch panels and associated Sub panels including transient protection and Power Factor Correction Units integral or stand alone.
  • Supply and installation of all types of Busbar Trunking Systems for direct Power and Ancillary secondary control systems.
  • Installation of LV Sub Main distribution cabling, mainly XLPE/LSF from 630mm 4core down to 6mm 2core.


  • Provision and Installation of all types of Cable
    Management systems for sub main cabling using heavy duty cable racking and return flange Cable tray. Design and fabrication of associated support brackets to suit installation criteria.


  • Installation of Final Sub circuitry using all types of cable specifications, from Mineral Insulated, armoured, Singles to Domesticated twin and earth. Provision of all associated cable management from medium gauge Cable Trunking systems to heavy gauge solid drawn conduit systems.



• Provision of Under
Floor cable ducting and trunking along with associated Skirting trunking and Dado rail either pvc or anodised aluminium

  • Installation of Satellite and TV Distribution systems





 • Co-ordination of all systems to achieve a multi    services working package for installation.



  • Supply and installation for main plant items  from RMU (Ring main unit) and development of client substations, provision of oil filled or cast resin Transformers from 500KVA to 1500KVA. Installation of main feeder cables, complete with High and Low Voltage jointing and associated pressure testing.



  •  Provision of all necessary earthing systems complete with nests and solid copper bars and clamps.


  • Provision of Standby Power Generators from 150KVA to 1500KVA complete with all necessary attenuation, fuel tanks and controls, containerised or close canopy types.



  • Provision of all types of Electrical Accessories associated with sockets, switches, isolators, connection units and many more. Finishes in white, chrome, brushed aluminium, satin, stainless steel and plastic.


  •  Design and selection of all luminaries to create the desired end product including all external lighting complete with local controls such as manual switching or fully automatic.


  • Design and installation of energy efficient systems for the control of electrical consumption, using intelligent full blown management systems to the installation of stand alone presence detectors.



• Design and Installation of Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting systems, conventional and addressable self test options. Also after sales servicing and testing.


  • Design and Provision of Security systems including Intruder Alarm, Access Control and CCTV.




• Provision of Lightning Protection systems


  • nstallation of IT / Data networks including all patching and Telephone services, complete with Cable Basket management.



• Testing and Commissioning of all services installed.





Power Perfector

CIE International Limited are approved installers for "powerperfector", the leading company for voltage power optimisation.


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References & Testimonials
“It is with great pleasure that we
thank you for the excellent services
carried your company. The
overall success of the project has been
Robert Ward, Projects Director
Cott UK Limited
“We have been very impressed with the
delivery of this building and the overall
level of quality achieved which your
company has contributed towards”.
J A Austin, Regional Director
Gleeson Building

“On behalf of Tesco Stores Ltd. I
want to thank you for your hard work
and commitment on the Tesco Store
Ilkeston. Our retail client and customers
are very complementary which is a
reflection of a really excellent job”.
R P Brown, Development Project Manager
Tesco Stores Limited


“We would have no hesitation in
recommending this company for any
Electrical projects / or maintenance
P J Pennell, Operations Manager
Strath Services Limited

“It is with great pleasure that we write
to thank you for your excellent service
we have received from your company
in carrying out electrical installation
Phase 1 of this project...the team has
worked with attitude and diligence that
makes for a far more productive and cooperative
atmosphere for all involved”.

M Wigginton, Contracts Manager
Hbg Properties

“I have always found their conduct on
site and the standard of workmanship
to be excellent...their management of
projects and technical expertise have
always been entirely satisfactory”.
John C Burton, Regional Maintenance
Co-ordinator / Construction Supervisor
South Region